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Help & Info about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for windows

  • What is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a set of applications, originating in 1986 with vector image editor CorelDRAW, including both the aforementioned program as well as Corel Photo-Paint and several other pieces of graphics software. It is used for creating digital art and image manipulation as well as for other graphics-related purposes.
  • Is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite free?

    CorelDRAW and its components are commercial software. If you have a previous version of CorelDRAW, you may be able to get the latest version at a discount, depending on the version that you currently own.
  • For what platforms is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite available?

    In its initial release, CorelDRAW was designed for Windows 2.1. Today, it is still a Windows-exclusive application, with the latest version as of this writing, 2017 or Version 19, running on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (and not on XP or Vista).
  • What is a vector image editor?

    Vector images are designed to scale and look identical when increased or decreased in size. This makes them appropriate for a wide variety of uses such as placing on a physical object or for printing.
  • What are common purposes for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

    CorelDRAW can be used to make vector images. More specifically, this makes it useful for creating fonts, so that they can scale to any size, and for creating signs, logos and QR codes, all of which may frequently need to be shrunk or expanded.
  • What is the smart drawing tool?

    The smart drawing tool will smooth out circles, squares and so forth that the user draws. It will attempt to create perfect geometry even if the user's drawing (with mouse or tablet) is imperfect.
  • How often is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite updated?

    The suite is updated about once a year as of this writing. Preview versions are released bi-yearly in many cases, though Corel has occasionally created a preview version sooner or later than its usual release schedule.
  • How do I crop an image in CorelDRAW?

    On the left-hand side by default, click the Crop tool flyout and then select the Crop tool. Select the area of the image you wish to keep by clicking and dragging, then double-click inside the cropped area. You may resize or rotate the crop area by clicking and dragging the edges.
  • How do I curve text in CorelDRAW?

    To create text that curves, you must first create an ellipse using the Ellipse tool, then use the Text tool to write text. The cursor will change and you can click to better define the area, based on the cursor's location, where you want the text to curve.
  • What is the CDR file format?

    The CDR file format is Corel's proprietary file format designed for use with CorelDRAW. Other applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, can import CDR files, but they are often designed for older versions of the CDR file format, and thus may not be totally compatible with CDRs from the latest versions of CorelDRAW.


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